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An Italian friend of mine the other day told me she would like to learn English, as she said ‘Her English was really dirty’ I paused and asked her if she was sure she meant ‘dirty’? She said she didn’t know. I told her that ‘dirty’ wasn’t quite the right word. Unless she was trying to tell me something else in front of her child and husband. I think not. I am learning Italian, admittedly I know quite a lot already but actually it is one of those things where I thought I was really good. In fact when you live in Italy, as I do, you realise there is so much to learn and I am not that good. Sometimes my brain hurts. Sometimes I say things that don’t make sense, in Italian, I know it and the person I am talking to knows it.


So I bustle on, like the taxi driver who does the ‘knowledge’ in London, I am in Italy am expanding my knowledge of Italian and the part of my brain that could have been shrinking I hope is growing.   Things I want to learn. One song on the guitar. At least 5 songs on the Ukelele. To play a concertina. Enough to run away with a gypsy troupe and sound passable. To play the piano. Other than chopsticks. Who wants to listen to chopsticks, I mean really….


I also realise that in my head I am saying that I will learn the Ukelele when I buy one, and that I need to buy a really good one, and that takes time…oooh. I have been saying this for years, we have a guitar, I can learn that. I have just busted myself for procrastinating.   So it seems, I would like to learn how to play some music. So would my Dad, who is 72. They say learning new things keeps your brain active, helps you live a healthier longer life. So, what are you going to learn? And would you like to join me in making a band when I am 70…?


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2 thoughts on “Learn Something New…

  1. Wonderful Lehli – you’ve reminded me of my musical instrument playing ambitions! I’m in for the band, but 70 is a lot closer for me than you so I’ll have to start first ….

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