Get a Kid to Draw a Picture of You.


kids picture of me copy


I have to own up to the fact that when I asked my son to draw a picture of me for The Lovely Book, it was so dreadful, not his drawing but his portrayal of me that I was too vain to put it in the book. I looked like a devil possessed. In that moment I was in a bad mood it has to be said so he got it right. And the worse thing was he was really looking at me and studying my every line and crease. So maybe I was wrong to not put that one in…


So on a cheerier, day I asked him to do another pic and he did this one. Look at my stomach?! But it is fair, it is how I look to him, and yes my stomach does stick out a bit. But my hands are not that big. I don’t think.  But he sees them as big and I am using them all the time so maybe in his life they are big.


And my girls made me look like an animal lover with bags under my eyes and a suspicious sideways questioning look.


The magical beauty of kids is that they tell the truth even when it is not asked for.


Look at my hair!


The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women published by Pinter and Martin comes out on the 7th of May 2014 and can be found by following this link.


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