Pamper Yourself…


This is a blog about pampering. Really. I think it is deep. Not that ingrown hair that needs tweezing and plucking but the sheer fact that it is in our feminine bones to preen. Even way back, women were sitting around in Roman spa’s using crocodile dung as face packs. And some women in the 18th Century glued false eyebrows to their faces which were made from mouse fur.

When I was in my twenties one of my fondest memories are of preening, simple unadulterated pampering. I am not as self-nurturing as I would like to be by nature, it is something I have to force myself to do. When I was in my twenties a friend and I would go to a spa and pamper ourselves for the whole day, we thought nothing of it then, we had time. My friend would smoke roll ups we would chat for hours sitting in a London spa until we went pruney. (I learnt something really nerdy about going pruney, see link below.) Spell check is telling me ‘pruney’ does not exist. I hope you can accept the fact that I make words up. Pruney is one of them.

When I was about 14 we had a lodger called Tony, he was an Italian photography lecturer at the same college where my Dad worked, an enigma for a 14 year old. Every six weeks or so I would notice strong smell of horses around the house that would lead me curiously to the downstairs bathroom, in which it looked like there had been a violent attack. The door would be ajar and he would be singing and plastering his hair and seemingly the whole bathroom with Henna. He would then put a plastic bag on his head and head towards the small dirty air vent fan in the kitchen window. If it was late he would always have a whisky or two.

I have a plastic bag and henna on my head right now and I am thinking of Tony the lodger. He was good at pampering himself.

Not so long ago I took some time out from my everyday life of running around with the kids, cooking, cleaning, working etcetera and I went to go and stay with a friend, on my own. She was running around being a Mum, balancing her kid’s needs, making food, juggling her really busy work life as well. She went upstairs and ran me a bath and she laid out a whole array of things for me to pamper myself with. In all her busyness I was touched at how she stopped and gave me the space to have an indulgent moment.

So when she next comes to me, I shall lay out things for her so that she can pamper herself and just take that sacred time out. And oh, I will not be laying out henna, mouse fur or crocodile dung for her but I will make sure she gets the time to go pruney.

Ok time to take the bag off my head…


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