Cook With Love and Passion


I slightly annoy myself when I look at that picture, as I feel like I am lying… as in truth I rarely cook with love and passion as I am so knackered.

In fact in order for it to happen I need a good night’s sleep, a fridge full of the right ingredients, no children around my feet (unlike now as my son is talking to me as I write this) and the inspiration to make something lovely. Or else I need to be transported back in time to my twenties or thirties, when I seemed to have had endless hours and I would ponder over cookbooks and generally spend alot of time making yummy food…

There are days when I really do manage to whiz up some passion and on those days the food tastes good, there are many days when I don’t and on those days the food is passable or sometimes possibly verging on dreadful but no one says anything.

However on the days when I think about that lady in the picture, I think it is based on the better me,  not the one that groans at the fridge and feels her feet dragging through the floor, not the one who has had a long day and is falling at the last hurdle.

So if you can ‘Cook with Love and Passion’ fantastic, invite me over! And if you can’t, love who you are when you are cooking that is the most important thing!

8 thoughts on “Cook With Love and Passion

  1. ah your refreshing honesty Lehli … well as you know your ‘Cook with love and Passion’ (first one) is in my kitchen along with four other ‘Eldridges’. Your pictures, as with your cooking, as with the wonderful you always make me feel happy … that’s love and passion isn’t it? xx

  2. You are a wonderful cook, I have been cooking your delicious pancake and pesto creation for my very appreciative family. You have also inspired and nurtured two very young and very talented cooks, so when you are tired and failing at the last hurdle remember what seeds you have sewn!

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