Loving Yourself…


This morning as I put on a dress my daughter said to me ‘Mummy, my friend thinks you are fat, she says you look pregnant’…

At said point a quick flash of rage flew up inside me. Wow here it starts, the scripting, the judging, the female need to be thin entering my 10 year old twin daughters ear and them having to deal with it. The story ‘Thin is good fat is bad, slim is better, chubbier is not’. I went for a walk.

I have a tummy, it sticks out, I am a women in her forties with bits that wobble. Then whilst looking at the Kickstarter website this morning I bumped into this…


And a huge cheer went up in me. A woman who has been on a journey around her own body image and is trying to be part of social change to do something positive about it. I have been a ‘ripped-ish’ Zumba teacher and I felt old in my face as I felt too thin and skinny, I have been a chubby Mamma and felt wobbly and like I had eaten too much, learning to love my shape as a woman has been a journey, especially after having three kids. The initial scripting for me, is the important bit, the bit that needs to change. Being told thin is good. I don’t want this to continue in to my young daughter’s lives, the constant assessing and judging of shape. May they grow up to be accepting of all shapes.

So a big cheer to this wonderful woman Taryn Brumfett for doing something so positive about it. And a big cheer to all the beautiful women out there, what ever shape you are and to what ever srories that are written on your body, scars, lost boobs, tummies and all. It is all part of who we beautifully are.

Does Anyone Ever Sleep Whilst Camping?



I recently went camping with my family and our new camping gear.

We were packed to the gunnels, you name it, it was in the car.

Having arrived safely at our site, we pitched our tents. There was no shade, the ground was hard, my daughter came down with flue on day one and there were mosquitos.

Night one, noisy, 4.30am LOUD BIRDS. I woke up, having abandoned my watch thinking it was about 6am. My fluey daughter and I roamed around as the sun rose. I did check the clock it was 4.30 am!

Night two, 4.30am LOUD BIRDS, I woke up at 6am, walked around with my son, we went away from the ‘camp’ as not to wake the others, we walked and collected bamboo for an hour in the morning heat.

Night three, woke up 4.30am LOUD BIRDS, went back to sleep woke up at 7am HURRAH! Boiling hot, husband looked at me and said ‘Day Three, Camping…’ he could hardly walk

Night four, no birds (they knew it was about to rain and went quiet) 5am THUNDER and torrential rain, tried to pack up camp, whilst ordering the kids around, one daughter got covered in mud, she couldn’t cope in her now mud strewn tent. My husband back gave way, I like a pack horse packed up the tent with my husband limping around trying his to do his best with a really bad back.

We were so glad to be home. But I think we are trying it again next week, we are going to a lake, in which I will do some serious floating…

Thoughts on camping?

Dancing, Chocolate, Coffee and all good things…





In the morning I am quite seemingly ok but I hit 10.30am and I drop like a fly from one of those electric blue neon things, I hit the floor, in my head, if that makes sense.


Low blood sugar? Post caffeine droop? Not sure am trying to figure it out.


Then I wonder if everyone droops at that time around 10.30am and at 4pm? In Italy they say those are ‘mirenda’ times, time for a snack, is it really that simple? Almonds, in the pocket, all day is meant to be a goody, well not just in your pocket you have to eat them! And now my sister has told me it is about not eating sugar…to be further researched. (I recently totally cut out coffee and fell asleep all over the place and was a miserable jibbering wreck.)


Ok back to things that help me.

1. Positive words on the wall, it may seem corny but I think it works.

(I watched a documentary and there was a test with identical twins. They gave one of the twins negative words to look at and sad music to listen to. She was then told her to go shopping, she was a mess, had lost confidence, was very sad and if I remember rightly she bought nothing and was very grumpy and teary. Then the other twin was given positive words to look at and upbeat music to listen to, she had a great day, felt confident in herself had a good old shop! They later met up and it was clear that they had both had opposite experiences.)


2. Upbeat music. (see above, re twins and music) ok so I have to shelve my penchant for melancholically wallowing in the music of Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and go for upbeat songs. My latest is Tous Le Meme, by Stromae which sort of instantly makes me smile, although it is in French and am not 100% sure how up beat the words really are…


3. Dance, see above picture. I dance with my kids these days. There was a point in my life when I danced without children clinging to me, that was nice. But now my moves are a little inhibited when I have an 8 year old clinging to my waist, or my 10 year old girls saying ‘Mummy, look, can you do this?’ But generally dancing is good, if you like dancing.


4. Eat well.



Tips from my clever sister –

Avocadoes, nuts, exercise, sleep and chocolate… (the latter she says is bad but a real short term mood lifter.)


There are a few more which I will go on to write when I get more confident about blogging and start to give less of a monkies…I feel that day is fast approaching.


What do you do to pep yourselves up?


Oh and here is a little Stromae if you feel in the mood…