Loving Yourself…


This morning as I put on a dress my daughter said to me ‘Mummy, my friend thinks you are fat, she says you look pregnant’…

At said point a quick flash of rage flew up inside me. Wow here it starts, the scripting, the judging, the female need to be thin entering my 10 year old twin daughters ear and them having to deal with it. The story ‘Thin is good fat is bad, slim is better, chubbier is not’. I went for a walk.

I have a tummy, it sticks out, I am a women in her forties with bits that wobble. Then whilst looking at the Kickstarter website this morning I bumped into this…


And a huge cheer went up in me. A woman who has been on a journey around her own body image and is trying to be part of social change to do something positive about it. I have been a ‘ripped-ish’ Zumba teacher and I felt old in my face as I felt too thin and skinny, I have been a chubby Mamma and felt wobbly and like I had eaten too much, learning to love my shape as a woman has been a journey, especially after having three kids. The initial scripting for me, is the important bit, the bit that needs to change. Being told thin is good. I don’t want this to continue in to my young daughter’s lives, the constant assessing and judging of shape. May they grow up to be accepting of all shapes.

So a big cheer to this wonderful woman Taryn Brumfett for doing something so positive about it. And a big cheer to all the beautiful women out there, what ever shape you are and to what ever srories that are written on your body, scars, lost boobs, tummies and all. It is all part of who we beautifully are.

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