Enjoy the Rain…is it possible?


This could be a real eye roller for some people, the page you skip and move swiftly on from, as the rain lashes down on your window pane. Or you just tried to get the shopping in and got soaked, were zipping up the kids coats and the zip broke, or it is your wedding day… I lived in South Africa and when it rained people would say ‘Isn’t it a beautiful day?’ and my thoughts were always, ‘No, it is raining…’ but it is a question of perspectives as I am from the U.K, where it rains, alot.

When I was younger I used to look at the rain on the windows in the back of the car, whilst we drove on endless car journies. Watching the drops and that thing they do when the wind pressure hits them, the fact that they sometimes go up and sideways, not down. Then in my twenties, at one really low point I was in East Finchley and going to sign on and I turned a corner and the rain and wind hit my face so hard that it really hurt. In that moment my dramatic self said ‘life will never be as bad as this again’ it wasn’t that bad in the scheme of things but I was twenty, unemployed and broke and for me it was bleak. I hated rain and I felt that the bad weather had conspired to aim itself at my face.

The truth is I live in Italy where it doesn’t rain as much, well in fact it rains more where I am right now than it does in Devon. It comes in massive downpours, which in a way is much more forgiving than constant drizzle. The other day I looked out of the window and I saw a huge black cloud on the horizon, I gathered up the kids and took them up the hill. I knew that at some point the cloud would burst overhead about halfway through our walk. We had a brolley and I told them not to put it up as there was lightening as well and I am paranoid about lightening. It poured, we got soaked, they looked at me confused and then they laughed, a lot.

So what I am wondering is… can one choose to enjoy the rain, to step past the grey misery and monotony of it and find acceptance with it? When it seems to be is lashing you in the face, driving you nuts and creeping in seemingly everywhere, can you enjoy it?

In all honestly the jury is out for me on this one when faced with months and months of drizzle but when I imagine myself out there in just a pair of colourful pants and a bra with my umbrella upside down and it does at least makes me laugh.



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